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Join the only business that improves life for families, pets and the planet... Naturally!



  • Large market potential: 62% of US consumers intend to use "Green" household products and services
  • Products are safe for people and the environment; natural and made in the USA
  • Low start-up costs: low franchise fee, no storefront, no leases, no signage, quick training cycle
  • Family-friendly work hours let you enjoy life - Naturally!
Mold Inspector
Moisture Inspector
ACAC - American Council for Accredited Certificaiton

Our services include:

Mold and Odor Control

  • An EPA-registered ultra-fine misting system that kills mold.
  • Working with other natural and plant-based ingredients, also helps control inanimate airborne impurities like pet dander, pollen, dust mite matter, insect waste.
  • Works through sheetrock to get behind walls. Also circulates throughout your home’s heating or cooling system.
  • Natural odor control eliminates common household odors including smoke, pet odors, waste, spoiled foods and trash molecularly. Does not just cover odors up.

Other Natural Yard Protection

  • Natural garden repellant and ornamental landscaping protector to harmlessly keep deer and other herbivores away from your garden
  • Natural spider web repellant simply makes it difficult for webs to stick, so spiders build elsewhere

Mosquito and Tick Control

  • Using natural, plant-based ingredients, our spray programs control harmful Mosquitoes, Ticks and other annoying biting insects.
  • Our product and application methods are safe for beneficial insects like bees, and help plants to retain moisture.
  • We design our programs to match the insects’ breeding cycles.
  • Our service is guaranteed. If your issue persists, we will re-treat for as needed, at no cost.


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