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As we continue to meet the needs for safe, natural solutions to common issues in the home and office, Green Home Solutions® is proud to have helped hundreds of small business owners find success in the green services industry. Our exponential unit growth has been spearheaded by a strong and experienced corporate leadership team:


Russ Weldon

Russ Weldon
Chief Cultural Officer, Visionary

A self-proclaimed "serial entrepreneur," Russ Weldon has been starting and building successful enterprises since he was a teenager.

Weldon even tried, unsuccessfully, to convince his parents to let him drop out of high school to start a distribution business.

After giving college a try, he left to pursue a variety of business opportunities in wholesale direct sales. Then, in 1978, Weldon was introduced to the emerging consumer electronics industry where he enjoyed a 10-year career that would include the dawn of wireless phone technology.

In 1988, convinced that wireless would become a multi-billion dollar business, Weldon launched The Car Phone Store, which would later become Wireless Zone, a 450-store chain generating a half billion dollars in annual revenues. After selling Wireless Zone in 2012, Weldon began looking for his next opportunity.

"I could have retired," he said, "but I'm an entrepreneur at heart."

Having completed his vision for the Wireless Zone, Weldon sought another ground floor opportunity in an emerging, yet commercially marketable space. One of the opportunities that caught his attention was the pest-control franchise chain Mosquito Terminators. At the time, the company was using traditional chemicals to treat and control pests but had begun researching opportunities to convert to all-natural, environmentally safe chemicals. Weldon realized that if they could convert the company to a "Green" service business, this was an opportunity to recreate what had happened with wireless technology.

"It was clear to me that the green products and services industry was just beginning to move into the mainstream," Weldon said. "It reminded me exactly of where wireless phones were in the late 1980s. I saw it as another of those rare opportunities to get in on the ground floor of a yet-to-be tapped industry and have a major impact on shaping that industry as well." 

It didn't take long, however, for Weldon to realize that this was much more than just another business opportunity.

"Even though it was another franchise concept in its infancy, what I didn't anticipate was how different it was from what I had been doing," he said. "Here at Green Home Solutions® we are talking about much more than how to create a successful business in an emerging category. We are talking about how to save the planet. We are talking about how the work we are doing is something that our kids and our grandkids will benefit from."

"Here we have US-made, outdoor solutions that make life comfortable yet are safe for people and pets, plus beneficial to plants and bees," he continued. "We have indoor solutions that can really change someone's quality of life by removing mold and allergens from the air."

And in the process, he knows that Green Home Solutions® is creating opportunities for others to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps.

"What I like about franchising is seeing others have a chance to become successful business owners," Weldon said.  "And in this case, we are also doing something that is making our world a better place to live."

"As we grow, my vision for Green Home Solutions is to have environmentally-conscious inventors and scientists coming to us because we have the established distribution platform, and more importantly, the reputation for delivering green products and services to consumers everywhere. Then we can bring people more and more comprehensive green offerings to reduce harmful options currently being used. The more products and services we offer, the more good we are doing."

Jeff Panella

Jeff Panella
CEO, Green Home Solutions

As CEO of Green Home Solutions®, Jeff Panella is responsible for implementing the long and short term strategic growth plans for the franchise system.

Jeff Panella brings more than 25 years of experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer of Green Home Solutions. Panella, along with his wife Joan, are very active in the community. The couple spends much of their free time volunteering and serving on boards for local charities. Panella also serves as coach to several community sports teams and is active with the local Boy Scouts of America troop.

Before taking the helm at Green Home Solutions, Panella led the team The Famous Toastery, a rapidly growing restaurant chain. His experience in multi-unit franchise sales and operations, as well as with small, medium, and Fortune 500 businesses, will prove invaluable to Green Home Solutions.

Green Home Solutions has always been committed to helping franchisees succeed, and Panella fully supports that commitment. He is a Certified Franchise Executive and is passionate about ensuring that franchisees are satisfied and supported as they grow their businesses.

Jeff and Joan Panella have two children. Tim, the youngest, is a senior in college. Their daughter, Sadie, is a Sergeant in the Marines and has served three tours of duty.

Glen Snyder

Glen Snyder
Chief Development Officer CFE

Mr. Snyder has been our Chief Development Officer since May 2016. He brings with him over 20 years of business ownership experience. This includes consumer electronic retail for 10 years, A Manufacturer's Representative Company for 11 years as well as being the President of USAC-Mexico. In addition he also held the position of Director of Franchise Development at Wireless Zone for 10 years prior to joining us. This gives him the insight and perspective from a potential franchisees view. ”It is a most rewarding experience to guide someone through the process of transforming their dream of business ownership into their reality.

William Russell

William Russell
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Russell has been our CFO since March 1, 2015. He has served as the CFO and Partner to Elevation Management Group, LLC, in Tyrone, Pennsylvania from March 1, 2013 through the present. He has been the President of Russell Tax and Consulting, Inc. in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania from December 1, 2010 through the present. Mr. Russell has served as the Director of Accounting of Copper Beech Townhomes, in State College, Pennsylvania from November 16, 2009 through November 30, 2010.

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