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Peter Daley

Green Home Solutions of Mid-Coast Maine got it's start in the summer of 2015. Our house was damp and moldy! We were looking around for a good solution and, at the same time, looking for a business opportunity. The two came together in this new venture.

Our company promotes healthy homes- inside and out. If your home has a musty smell or if a family member is struggling with breathing issues, you may have a mold problem. That's where we can help. Our natural solutions are safe and effective. Our EPA-registered mold product kills the mold and removes pet dander and pollen as well. We guarantee the results. Are you plagued with a bad smell in your house that won't go away? We also treat buildings for odors. It is effective, natural, and affordable.

We have natural outdoor solutions, too. Are deer or other mammals raiding your gardens? Our repellent product will send them away on an empty stomach.



Anti-Allergen Solutions neutralizes allergens in carpets, upholstery and fabrics, on surfaces and even on your pets, rendering these allergens harmless to allergy sufferers. The solution’s formula works by breaking down the structure of protein-based allergens and encapsulating what’s left. Many allergens in household and commercial environments, like dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches and even pollen and mold are neutralized by the Anti-Allergen Solution.


Green Home Solutions® offers a cutting-edge solution that applies an ultra-fine mist that destroys the mold. The source of moisture should be addressed to prevent reoccurence of mold. There’s no need for costly and messy demolition. The best part is the product is effective, affordable, responsible, natural and safe.


Green Home Solutions® offers instant elimination of a broad range of odors. The odor eliminator ensures that you will have an odor-free environment. Our product is not a masking agent. All ingredients are natural, non-allergenic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-staining. Some examples of odors we have eliminated successfully are smoke, pet accident odors, the smell of skunk in the home, curry, and other household odors.




11 reviews

Superior Company

To say that Green Home Solutions is a top notch company is inadequate. We got an appointment almost immediately; it was confirmed; and the professional personnel arrived exactly as promised. They came with all the equipment needed to assess, analyze, and solve our mold problem. We were extremely impressed with the lack of scare tactics; as a matter of fact, Mr. Daley went above and beyond expectations by taking samples both inside our home and outside to determine if the problem actually is what we had thought. We are delighted with the prompt reply to our request, the service, and the willingness to spend enough time to explain various possible follow-up strategies. We highly recommend Green Home Solutions for solving any suspected allergen issue in the home.

Green Home Solutions of Mid-Coast Maine

Thank you so much for the outstanding review Deborah. It was a pleasure working with you.

Mold Be Gone

I had a mold problem in several outside walls in my home. I contacted Peter on several occasions to help locate the problem areas. The mold was located and treated. The product used to irradicate the mold really worked. They have an amazing product! I would highly recommend their product and service to anyone with a mold problem. Don't waste your money on store products that say kill mold. I tried that approach and it failed to deliver as promised. That's when I called free home solutions. Their service is awesome and their prices are very reasonable. They also respond quickly to resolve a problem.

Green Home Solutions of Mid-Coast Maine

Thank you for your review Richard, we always appreciate hearing that people are happy with our work.

Great service

Peter and Beth were at my house the same day I called.

Extremely satisfied!!

The owner and his crew did an amazing job with a recently purchased house. It had mild in all levels and a foul smell on the main living level. When they were done with the job the air quality samples came back lower then the air outside. I will use them for every project I have going forward.

Green Home Solutions of Mid-Coast Maine

Thanks Curt. Great customer, very accommodating which made our work easier.

Air testing

Gave me information on how this works and what I could do better. Even checked in the crawl space, where I wouldn't go!!! Covered the whole house inside to see if maybe under carpet and was very good at explaining what was seen. Very pleased with the experience and knowledge. Thank-you!!!

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