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Glenn Klausner
General Manager

At Green Home Solutions, our approach to is to support Massachusetts clients with any kind of mold removal project and eliminate these problems at the source—not just cover them up. Whether you need us to remove mold in your bathroom or perform a complete basement mold removal in Massachusetts, we use only 100% safe products that are proven to work. Our remediation process always starts with a free in-home consultation, including air quality testing for mold, and a free quote from one of our certified inspectors.

Learn more about the guarantees that we at Green Home Solutions provide with our state-of-the-art products and services:

  • Natural: Unlike synthetic chemical treatments, our organic mold and odor removal products are plant-based, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.
  • Effective: Our products are registered with the EPA and use powerful enzymes to effectively fight mold and odor at the molecular level.
  • Safe: Both our products and our process are designed to protect your property, family, and pets at all times.
  • Affordable: Because our odor removal and mold remediation processes are non-destructive, they’re quick and cost-effective.
  • Responsible: To demonstrate the effectiveness of our service, we always provide third-party mold testing. Also ask about our warranties!

If you’ve spotted mold or been instructed by an inspector to get something tested in your home, don’t wait — call Green Home Solutions to take care of it right away. To learn how we can safely and quickly eliminate mold from your home, get in touch today! You can also request your free Massachusetts mold inspection consultation by submitting our online form now.




20 reviews

Breathing again!

I can not thank these guys enough as they have changed everything about how I am able to breath in my home. So grateful for them and their service.

Fast and professional

Chris and Glenn provided us with fast and professional service. They scheduled our appointment and completed the work within three business days. Thank you, thank you!

Trustworthy company

We highly recommend Green Home Solutions to all home owners who must deal with mold or air quality issues. Glenn and Chris are trustworthy and honest people. Their product is safe and their process is highly effective. Most importantly, their product is human-friendly and not offensive to people who are sensitive to chemicals. We dealt with another mold remediation company before and the experience was disastrous. Don’t hesitate to call Green Home Solutions if you have air quality problems in your house.

You're the Best!!

Glenn and Chris are top notch in my book! I encourage any Real Estate Agent or property owner that finds mold in the home to call these guys. They not only eliminated the mold problem quickly and professionaly, they took away all the stress and anxiety along with it. I nighly recommend them!!!

Thank you for a mold free room

I really appreciate your prompt; professional response and courteous handling of the problem. Definitely recommend you to my friends and neighbors and hopefully the one you met will be calling you soon for her mold issue. Thank you Chris and Glen for making the room useable again and for all the other spots that needed to be remediated. Wish you the best in your business.

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