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Gerry Theodora

Gerry Theodora

Mold Remediation in Alton

Welcome to Green Home Solutions! We provide property owners in the Alton area with indoor air quality solutions that include mold remediation, odor removal, air duct cleaning, and more. 

technician performing mold remediation in Alton

At Green Home Solutions, we want the air you breathe indoors to feel as fresh and natural as the air outside. Unfortunately, when common problems like mold and odor make their way into your home, your indoor air quality can take a real downturn. That’s why we’re here to provide mold remediation and other air quality services in the Alton area. We specialize in green alternatives to traditional mold treatment methods, leaving you with cleaner air and a healthier planet. 

About Our Mold Remediation Services

The most effective mold remediation requires a full analysis of the air and surfaces in your living space. Just point our representatives to the areas in your home where you’ve seen or sensed this buildup, and we’ll handle the rest. Determining the source of the mold may be the most important step here, since treating it helps us reduce the risk of mold coming back. Following this inspection, and any necessary tests, our representatives will have everything they need to create an effective mold remediation plan for your home.

There are many different types of mold that thrive in New Hampshire, and they all behave in different ways and present different risks. The representatives from our office in Alton Bay have handled all kinds of mold problems, from basements full of black mold to a small fungal outbreak in a bathtub. Once we’ve determined the source and extent of the problem, we’ll create a plan in place to solve the problem.

Our mold remediation services use an EPA-registered, plant-based solution to effectively treat mold in your home. The whole process can be over with minimal inconvenience for you and your family. 

We care about the health of our friends and neighbors in the Alton area. From the product we use to the way we apply it, we’ve done our best to make this treatment fast, non-intrusive, and affordable for local families and businesses.  

How to Schedule Your Treatment in Alton

Mold can be a real hassle for homeowners and property owners in Alton and the surrounding areas, but with our mold remediation service, it doesn’t have to be. To arrange a mold treatment in Alton, Meredith, Wolfeboro, or elsewhere in the Lakes Region, just call Green Home Solutions at (603) 387-1273 today. We can set up an in-home inspection to get to the bottom of your mold problems.

Note: Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions: How Mold Affects Us

Mold is one word homeowners never want to hear. From nasal congestion to coughing to skin irritation, the effects of mold can be problematic, especially for young children, the elderly, and those with breathing concerns. At Green Home Solutions, we provide indoor air quality solutions that clean the air you breathe and make your home safe. For indoor air quality solutions, Green Home Solutions is the natural choice. Our mold removal, indoor air quality, and odor removal solutions create a healthy indoor air environment, so your family can breathe cleaner, purer air. We use only EPA registered products that are perfectly safe, when used as directed, for every member of your family including your pets. Learn more about our indoor air quality solutions.