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Plymouth Mold Inspection Services

  • Date: 08-2015

Even though it’s unsightly, Plymouth homeowners should always keep their eyes open for new mold growths. It doesn’t take long for them to sprout up often 24-48 hours following exposure to a dampened area. Unfortunately, proper mold inspection constitutes more than just a simple eye test. Even though visual inspection is one of the preliminary stages of our mold removal process, our technicians at Green Home Solutions also employ infrared technology and optional air quality tests as parts of a comprehensive Mold & Moisture Assessment that kicks off every job we take on.

To defeat an enemy, you must understand it; and make no mistake: mold is Public Enemy #1 at Green Home Solutions. Plymouth homeowners rely not only on our treatment solutions, but on our expertise, which stems from a simple pursuit: to help families breathe easier in their own homes. Part of our expertise is the knowledge that no two mold strains are alike namely because there are over 100,000 documented types.

In Plymouth, mold inspection is not a one-note operation; in fact, personalized service is a vital component to ensuring the complete eradication of mold in your home. That’s why we collect numerous air and surface swab samples from target and non-target areas, then send them to an accredited third-party laboratory for analysis. This process not only helps us determine what type of mold is growing in your home; it also assists us in determining the scope of your infestation and the ideal mold removal products that will make your remediation process as quick and efficient as possible.

Comprehensive Mold Inspection Services for Plymouth Homeowners

Health complications from mold deposits can range from minor inconveniences, like persistent sneezing and coughing, to potentially dangerous, especially if you or a family member already struggle with severe allergies or asthma. Don’t compromise on your indoor air quality or the long-term health of your loved ones.

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