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Mold Remediation in Plymouth MA

  • Date: 08-2015

Mold can sprout in a damp area within 24-48 hours of initial exposure. That means your home and air quality can go from comfortable to compromised in a matter of days. At Green Home Solutions, though, we fight fire with fire with our quick, efficient mold inspection and removal services. Our Plymouth mold inspection technicians employ an EPA registered ultra-fine mist spray that, when used as directed, eliminates mold at its source while remaining safe for people, pets, and the environment. Our American-made, proprietary mist solution is formulated from plant based enzymes and capable of penetrating deep within your home’s ventilation systems and foundational features including sheetrock to guarantee thorough treatment.

Thorough Mold Removal Services in Plymouth

Our Plymouth mold services aren’t contingent on one product, though. Green Home Solutions is known throughout Plymouth and the great state of Massachusetts for our comprehensive mold testing and air quality testing, both before and after treatment. Our process begins with not only an air quality pre-test, but a visual Mold & Moisture Assessment in which our technicians use infrared technology to assess moisture levels and suspect areas within your home. If mold is detected in your home, we work quickly to contain the identified areas, collect samples, and submit them to an accredited third-party laboratory for analysis.

Whatever state your home is in when we walk through the door, you can be guaranteed that you’ll be given a full, accurate appraisal of your mold remediation needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that homeowners will have their testing and treatment done right the first time, which is why so many of them view us as the leading provider of mold removal in Plymouth.

Personalize Your Treatment With a Wide Variety of Plymouth Mold Inspection & Treatment Services

Here are just a few of the most requested mold remediation and odor treatment services provided by Green Home Solutions:

  • Mold Removal: Whether you’re looking for basement mold removal in Plymouth or fast, effective, home-wide remediation services, trust Green Home Solutions to mitigate all your mold issues.
  • Mold Testing: From our thorough sample collection practices to our partnerships with accredited third-party laboratories, you can trust us to provide the clearest picture of your home treatment needs.
  • Mold Inspection: Our technicians have several inspection strategies, ranging from surface swapping to the use of infrared technology to detect unwanted moisture intrusion.
  • Odor Removal: Don’t let lingering odors detract from the comforts of home. Instead, trust the professionals at Green Home Solutions to improve air quality for you and your family.

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