Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Andover

About Our Mold Remediation in Chelmsford

  • Date: 04-2020

If you want mold to go away and stay away, you need experts you can trust to get to the source of growth. That’s what you’ll get with Green Home Solutions. Throughout Chelmsford, MA and the nearby areas, our mold remediation experts treat mold, fungi, and related issues while addressing the underlying cause of the problem. 

We take rapid-response, comprehensive measures to address mold growth, and we keep you in the know from the start. Our representatives rely on testing ahead of treatment so we can devise a plan that’s targeted to the mold and mold spores inside your home. We also look out for moisture buildup, offering proactive suggestions to prevent mold in the future. 

Our treatments are family-conscious from beginning to end. That means we never rely on short-term fixes, and we never introduce products into your home that could harshly contaminate the air you breathe. Instead, we use our own, EPA-certified, robust treatment sprays to break down mold and mold spores, and improve overall indoor air quality. 

Fast-Acting, Eco-Friendly Mold Remediation for Chelmsford Homes

Mold never appears out of nowhere. It needs air, water, and organic food sources to thrive, so identifying how it’s cropped up is a necessary measure for effective mold control. At Green Home Solutions, we use extensive and time-tested methods to discover the full extent of mold, including when and why it appeared.

dog in clean home after our mold remediation in Chelmsford

Once we have a complete picture of the problem, we can start mold remediation right away. For local homes, treatment lasts 48 hours or more. We accomplish this without compromising on the powerful impact of treatment. Instead, we reduce any need for demolition or renovation, which is often the source of high costs and lengthy time frames for conventional treatment. 

With Green Home Solutions, you get the satisfaction of effective remediation without the stress or cost traditionally associated with treatment. We use precise and targeted measures to contain and treat mold, for results you’ll enjoy long after we’re gone. 

Treating Homes and Buildings Throughout the Area

At Green Home Solutions, we don’t just treat homes and residential properties. We also deliver fast-acting, long-lasting treatments for offices, industrial properties, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. We bring the same diligent methods and powerful equipment to all properties we treat throughout the area, including in: 

If you’re looking for mold remediation in Chelmsford, Green Home Solutions is here. Getting started is easy with our team — all you have to do is give us a call at (978) 728-3441!