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Get Expert Mold Removal in Peabody

  • Date: 12-2020

If you’ve found mold or mildew inside your Peabody area home, expert mold removal services from Green Home Solutions can immediately address the issue. We take the high cost and stress out of treatment. Our representatives treat indoor mold throughout the region, controlling and preventing mold within industrial and residential spaces alike. We help you achieve a mold-free environment without using harsh toxins, in no time.

Mold is a symptom of other environmental issues within your space. Whether it’s caused by a leak or lack of ventilation, we identify those underlying issues and help to minimize them. We take rigorous measures to find and treat mold while also improving your indoor air environment. 

About Our Comprehensive Approach To Mold Removal  

With Green Home Solutions, you’re dealing with experts who understand how quickly mold spreads and how it can be effectively controlled. We take a comprehensive approach to every aspect of mold removal services in Peabody. In doing so, we can take care of mold, fungi, and mildew right away: 

  • We scout out moisture sources. Mold surfaces when it has enough water to survive. Finding and treating moisture sources is critical to long-term prevention. Your Green Home Solutions representative can search out hidden water intrusion or moisture events that are precipitating growth. We help you address this even prior to treatment.  
  • We investigate and contain mold. Because you can’t always identify mold’s presence by sight or smell, mold can often hide in plain sight. We use powerful equipment to investigate for any mold in an affected area. Our representatives employ air pressure manipulation and other techniques to contain growth once it’s found.
  • We deliver rapid-response remediation. We minimize the time and disruption involved in any remediation. Because we investigate mold issues prior to treatment, we can be fast, targeted, and proactive. Our treatment takes just a few days to complete, and we only use demolition as a last resort to access mold. 

Contact the Green Home Solutions Team in Peabody

Whether you suspect mold is present inside your home or you’ve found clear evidence of it, Green Home Solutions can help you determine what to do next. Contact our team to schedule mold removal services in the areas of: 

  • Peabody
  • Andover
  • Haverhill
  • Billerica
  • Chelmsford
  • Reading
  • Danvers
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To get you started with mold removal, we offer free indoor air quality consultations with our experts in Peabody. Just contact Green Home Solutions at your convenience: (978) 728-3441.