Indoor Air Quality Testing in Haverhill: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

How is the air quality in your home? For homeowners in Haverhill, indoor air quality testing can help you understand what’s in the air you breathe. At Green Home Solutions, we understand the wide-ranging effects of indoor air pollution. We work with families across the region to treat and address these issues at their source. 

When you think of air pollution, you’re probably not thinking about the air inside your home. In fact, indoor environments are our main source of exposure to air pollution, including our homes. Let’s review some ways that can affect your health. 

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

Poor air quality can sometimes be obvious—when a room smells strongly of pet odors, or when an environment feels too stuffy. But while many indoor air quality problems are much less perceptible, air pollution can have an outsized impact on your well-being: 

  • It can compromise physical and cognitive health. When you come into regular contact with contaminated air, it can have effects on your health that range in subtlety and scope. Indoor air pollution can affect your focus, memory, and comfort, and it can also impact your physical health short-term, causing symptoms like fatigue, congestion, and headaches. 
  • It can impact child development. Different people are impacted differently by air quality problems, but kids are always vulnerable. That’s because smaller kids breathe in more air relative to their body weight, and because they’re still growing. Polluted air can affect lung development, cognitive ability, and can trigger long-term issues like asthma or allergies. 
  • It can contribute to further complications. When it comes to the long-term effects of indoor air pollution, these can be significant, leading to cancer, heart disease, and other serious problems. But these issues are often difficult to spot early on. That’s why experts across the country, including the EPA, recommend being proactive about clean air. Indoor air quality testing in Haverhill can help with that. 

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Haverhill

With Green Home Solutions, you can always take control of the air in your home. Indoor air quality testing is the first step in this process. We offer expert, rigorous testing as well as treatments and solutions in: 

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Haverhill.
  • Haverhill
  • Chelmsford
  • Reading
  • Andover
  • Peabody
  • Billerica
  • Danvers
  • And throughout the region

Worried about the air in your home? To learn more about indoor air quality testing in Haverhill, call Green Home Solutions at (978) 728-3441.