Indoor Air Quality Testing in Peabody: Improving Indoor Air When You Have Pets

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Peabody.

Pet dander and fur can take a heavy toll on your air quality. But how can you maintain healthy, clean air when you have four-legged friends running around? At Green Home Solutions, we utilize comprehensive indoor air quality testing and treatments to optimize the air quality in Peabody, MA, homes, regardless of how many furry family members are running around. Below, we’ll go through some helpful tips you can use to mitigate pet contaminants and breathe better right away.

3 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air with Pets 

Keeping your air clean when you have pets requires taking a few key steps. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the many steps you can take to maintain healthier indoor air quality when you have dogs or cats running around:

  1. Clean Your Indoor Spaces Often

    In addition to floating around in your air, the dander and hair given off by your pets can live in your textiles. To prevent this, it’s important to clean often. Vacuuming your furniture, rugs, and carpets with a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter can help you efficiently filter these particles out of your fabrics, preventing them from entering the air and affecting your air quality.

  2. Groom Your Pets Regularly

    Frequent grooming is another essential step for reducing your pets’ impact on your air quality. Bathing your pets can significantly reduce the amount of dander and hair they contribute to your air, helping you breathe easier while also helping your pets look and smell better. Talk to a veterinarian to determine which grooming schedule is best for your pets.

  3. Purchase an Air Purifier

    Another way you can minimize the effects that your pets have on your air quality is by investing in an air purifier. Filters utilizing HEPA and activated carbon filters can help you address odors and airborne particles.

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Treatment in Peabody

By working with Green Home Solutions, you’ll get comprehensive testing services designed to effectively get to the bottom existing issues with your indoor air quality, where they’re coming from, and how to remedy them. We also offer proven treatments to help you address air quality issues, whether they come from your pets or not, and help you breathe better.

To get started with our indoor air quality testing in Andover, Peabody, Haverhill, Chelmsford, Danvers, Reading, Billerica, and the surrounding areas, contact us at (978) 728-3441 today!