Mold Inspection in Danvers

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Danvers

At Green Home Solutions, our mold inspection services make it easy for families in Danvers to safely remove and/or treat mold problems in their home. This includes mold growth caused by leaks, whether from cracked pipes, poor weatherproofing, foundation damage, or another source.

Whenever you have mold growth caused by a leak, there are two distinct concerns that need to be fixed. There’s the leak itself, which needs to be stopped. There’s also the mold, which will need to be removed or treated using specialized products. The question is, which of these issues should be dealt with first?

Below, our mold inspection experts in Danvers offer an answer to this question, along with tips on how to safely treat mold caused by leaks.

Stopping Leaks vs. Treating Mold Growth

Any time you have mold inside your home, stopping mold growth is a two-part job. In addition to actively treating or removing the mold, you also need to fix the conditions that allowed mold to grow in the first place.

If you have a leak inside your home, you will need to stop the leak if you want to prevent new mold growth. What’s more, you will want to stop the leak before you treat the existing mold.

There are two reasons why it’s a good idea to stop the leak first:

  1. Moisture can make mold treatments less effective. If the leak remains active, a mold treatment might not be successful.
  2. If you remove the mold before you fix the leak, new mold could grow once the original mold growth is gone.

Once the leak has been stopped, you’ll be able to control moisture and safely treat the mold. That’s where Green Home Solutions makes things easy.

Our Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Danvers

When you have mold in your home, Green Home Solutions offers a timely, effective, and stress-free way to remove mold and prevent future mold growth.

Our services start with a detailed mold inspection, which allows us to diagnose the source, severity, and species of mold in your home. We then design a custom mold treatment and/or mold removal solution that gets rid of existing mold and prevents new mold from emerging.

Families in Danvers choose Green Home Solutions for the quality of our treatments as well as the products we use. All our mold treatments are performed using an EPA-registered treatment product that neutralizes mold through plant enzymes. When used as directed, this product is completely safe for families, including children and pets.

As a locally owned and operated company, we proudly offer mold inspection and remediation services throughout the Danvers area. We also offer our services in Andover, Haverhill, Peabody, Chelmsford, Reading, and Billerica.

Book a mold inspection for your home in Danvers by calling Green Home Solutions at (978) 728-3441 today!