Mold Inspection in Peabody

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Peabody

Mold is a common issue within homes, but it doesn’t have to be. At Green Home Solutions, we help homeowners across the region resolve recurring or one-time mold growth. We always begin with a mold inspection for homes in Peabody. That’s true even if we’re also administering mold remediation. 

Inspection can offer all kinds of valuable data for homeowners, and it’s helpful during the remediation process, too. We’re able to locate sources of mold and how far active growth has spread. From there, we can also advise on next steps, mold prevention, and the level of remediation needed for lasting impact. We help you take control of mold issues. 

3 Common Signs of Indoor Mold To Look For

Mold can sometimes feel inevitable for homes in Peabody. But the truth is that mold behaves, grows, and thrives in very predictable patterns. Our experts can help you to identify these when administering mold inspection and remediation. Even before that, here are three signs to watch for if you’re concerned about mold: 

Evidence of moisture buildup. If there’s an area of your home that’s frequently damp or moist, it’s worth investigating to see if there’s mold present, too. Mold can surface within hours of a moisture event, so longstanding moisture issues or water damage are often a hotspot for growth. 

Warping or peeling of walls. Surface deterioration is often the first symptom of water intrusion or mold underneath. These issues can build up without detection, allowing mold in particular to thrive. If you’re finding walls or other surfaces that are deteriorating visibly, with bubbling, warping, or peeling, it’s a worry.  

Allergies or respiratory issues. Mold can trigger all kinds of health concerns and allergies or respiratory issues are especially common. If there’s an area of your home which aggravates your sinuses, or that makes breathing difficult, you may want to consider a professional inspection.  

Get An Expert Mold Inspection in Peabody 

With Green Home Solutions, you can set up an expert mold inspection for your home. We provide inspection and remediation to: 

  • Peabody 
  • Andover
  • Billerica 
  • Chelmsford
  • Reading
  • Haverhill
  • Danvers
  • And throughout the surrounding area

It’s always our priority to take stress and uncertainty out of mold treatment. For homeowners and property managers, we make inspection and remediation affordable and comprehensive, so you can get impactful results in no time.  

Get a thorough mold inspection from your experts in Peabody. You can contact Green Home Solutions at your convenience by calling (978) 728-3441.