Mold Removal in Haverhill: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Mold can be a tricky issue for local homeowners, especially since it can seem to appear out of thin air. Mold develops and thrives in areas with a high level of moisture, but what happens when these moisture sources are removed and the mold dries out? Below, we’ll take you through just what happens to dry mold and why effective mold removal is essential in Haverhill, MA area homes, regardless of which stage mold is currently in.

Is Mold Removal Necessary Once it Dries Out?

Because mold thrives in moist environments, it isn’t a very big stretch to imagine that it will die once it dries out. However, the truth is a bit different. Here are some of the threats that come with dry mold and why it’s crucial to effectively remove it from your home:

Dry Mold Can Still be a Health Risk

When dry mold flakes off of whatever surface it’s on, it can come with many of the same health risks that come with active mold infestations. Dry mold can still irritate your sinuses and cause issues with your respiratory system, making effective mold management a crucial part of keeping your home safe.

Dry Mold Can Become Airborne

Another risk that comes with dry mold is that it can become airborne. The problem with airborne mold is that it can migrate to other parts of your home. If dried-old mold becomes airborne and settles in a place with its own source of moisture, it can become active and start spreading again.

Dry Mold Isn’t Dead Mold

Like airborne mold, dry mold that doesn’t become airborne is also at risk of becoming active again. Dry mold can survive in a dormant state for years. In the case of a spike in humidity or a leak, that old patch of dried mold on your wall can start spreading and become a bigger problem.

Our Professional Mold Removal in Haverhill

For mold removal you can depend on, turn to the professionals at Green Home Solutions. Our team uses proven processes and a comprehensive approach to fighting mold to protect homes located all over the area. Here are the communities we serve:

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