Mold Remediation in Asheville: Is This Safe For My Children and Pets?

For those with children or pets, scheduling mold remediation for their home in Asheville can be pretty nerve-wracking. Many treatment methods rely on chemical fungicides or other highly abrasive materials. So how do you protect your children and pets while getting the treatment needed? 

With Green Home Solutions, the products we use to clean up and remove mold are completely safe for children and pets, when used as directed. We always prioritize the health and well-being of your family—not just with the sprays we use, but throughout every aspect of treatment. Your family’s safety matters to us. 

3 Ways We Prioritize Your Family’s Health 

Mold and mold spores can be incredibly harmful to your health. But various aspects of mold remediation in Asheville can be a health concern for families, too. At Green Home Solutions, your health is always made a top priority during treatment. Here are three ways we accomplish that:  

  • We never use high-toxicity chemicals. High-toxicity ingredients can be a health risk to kids and pets. When treating mold, we never use fungicides with abrasive chemicals, harmful VOCs, or biocides. Our experts won’t introduce products that compromise indoor air quality.  
  • We only work with family-friendly products. The sprays we use to clean up mold are EPA-certified, eco-friendly, and family-friendly. These scientifically proven products contain plant-based enzymes. Upon contact, they break down mold and mold spores at their molecular structure. 
  • We minimize overall dust and disruption. Treatment products aren’t the only health risk when it comes to mold removal. We keep demolition and teardown to an absolute minimum. We minimize any risk of dust or other disruptive contaminants in the air your family breathes. 

Minimize Exposure with Powerful Mold Remediation in Asheville

At Green Home Solutions, we’re keenly aware of the adverse health effects that accompany mold issues. With high-powered mold remediation in Asheville, we can minimize your family’s exposure to mold and related health hazards:  

  • We work quickly and precisely to clean up mold in days.
  • Our products specifically target the allergenic proteins in mold that cause respiratory issues.
  • We target surface mold, active mold beneath surfaces, airborne spores, and even dead mold growth.  
  • We clean and restore the air quality in your home. 

We know how important it is to keep your family safe and healthy. We help to ensure your home is healthy, well-ventilated, and safer for everyone.  

Get family-friendly mold remediation that delivers long-lasting impact. To schedule a treatment in Asheville, you can speak to your Green Home Solutions representative at (828) 332-3087.