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About Our Mold Remediation in Auburn

  • Date: 07-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we make it easier and affordable for you to get mold remediation that lasts. We remove the high costs and long-running timelines that are typically associated with professional treatment. Instead, we use precise abatement strategies that are developed for your building and only your building in Auburn, so we can quickly and thoroughly address any mold that’s present. 

We take any guesswork out of treatment, relying on comprehensive inspection data to make sure the remediation we’re implementing can deliver the results we’ve promised. Our representatives only work with long-term solutions to mold. We shut down further spread, identify contributors to mold, and aid in lasting mold control. That’s all in addition to our comprehensive, eco-friendly, and health-conscious remediation services.  

How We Deliver Powerful Mold Remediation in Auburn 

Before treatment, Green Home Solutions investigates the full extent of mold issues within an affected area. This helps to define how far mold has spread, as well as the level of mold remediation necessary to address it. Our representatives in the Auburn area also look for water intrusion, leaks, or other moisture that may be related to mold surfacing indoors. We offer recommendations and proactive next steps for lasting moisture control, too. 

We use inspection data to map out a clear, rapid-response remediation plan. Our representatives incorporate containment tactics, any hidden nooks of mold growth, and treatment of mold-affected air. That way, when we start on treatment, we can work quickly to address any and all issues we’ve discovered. 

With a carefully customized approach to remediation, expert methods for inspection and treatment, and robust technology, we can always deliver powerful, reliable mold abatement. 

Green Home Solutions Protects Your Health and The Environment 

At Green Home Solutions, our team is all based locally, making it easier for us to administer mold remediation services throughout the regions of: 

  • Auburn
  • Worcester
  • Millbury
  • Holden
  • Charlton 
  • And in the surrounding areas

It also means we value our green spaces, parks, and our community. Our representatives always work with environmentally friendly treatment products and solutions, so we’re not polluting or contaminating our neighborhoods. 

The products we use are also ones that can improve and repair indoor air quality, meaning we can restore a healthy indoor environment. We make it easier to prioritize your health and protect the environment, too. 

At Green Home Solutions, we can provide fast mold remediation right away. If you need treatment in Auburn, you can call our office at

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