Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Central Massachusetts

Mold Removal Services in Auburn

  • Date: 08-2015

Do you suspect a mold problem in your home or business? The mold removal services of Green Home Solutions are designed to combat even the worst cases of mold using natural, minimally invasive methods. Unlike traditional mold removal, our team utilizes only the strongest organic mold removal products in the industry to keep your home safe from the smelly, toxic effects of mold.

Auburn Mold Removal

Our team of Auburn mold removal professionals are first in class when it comes to knowledge, service, and excellence, and we’ll walk you through every phase of the mold testing and removal process to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from detrimental airborne and surface spores.

Because of the unique nature of our products and process, we can perform basement mold removal in Auburn like others can’t, eliminating mold without damaging the structure of your home.

  1. Inspection and Analysis: Our Auburn mold inspection professionals will perform thorough testing to identify the presence, type, and gravity of your mold. In the event that you have no mold, we also perform odor removal services so you can rest assured your concerns are addressed.

2. Safe Mold Removal: We’ll send mold removal professionals to use our special spray mist system, which spreads our natural treatment into hard-to-reach areas. In as little as 24 hours your home or office will be safe and mold-free.

3. Testing: Once we’re done, an objective third-party testing company will prove that your property is cured. If not, we’ll re-apply treatment.

4. Our Guarantee: If you see signs of mold within 120 days of your initial service, we’ll test and treat your home again to ensure a mold-free space.

If you’re seeing or smelling mold in your home, don’t delay. Call Green Home Solutions to learn more about our mold testing, remediation, and odor removal services, or fill out our online form to request a mold audit.