Mold Inspection in Auburn: Should I Address the Leak or the Mold First? 

At Green Home Solutions, we know how endlessly frustrating mold can be for homeowners. This is why mold inspection is an integral part of our treatment process for homes in Auburn. With this step, we can remove the guesswork, uncertainty, and stress of dealing with mold issues. 

Worker providing Mold Inspection in Auburn

Mold only starts growing indoors when a water source appears. If you’ve had a recent leak, or there’s long-term water intrusion in your home, it’s very likely mold is present as well. Inspection can identify these issues in greater detail. 

People often want to know: should moisture issues be addressed first, or mold? For long-term impact, it’s always necessary to get both problems under control. Let’s review how this happens.  

How To Effectively Achieve Mold Control 

At Green Home Solutions, we know it’s never enough to clean up surface mold. We always help you to remediate moisture buildup, restoring your indoor environment to one that’s inhospitable to mold. It’s one of the many steps necessary for effective mold control: 

  • Map out the full extent of the issue. Even when you think you know the extent of mold and moisture problems, a professional mold inspection in Auburn can offer clarity. At Green Home Solutions, we use high-sensitivity scanning equipment and other measures to ascertain the scope of mold and trace any sources of moisture. 
  • Treat moisture issues first. The inspection process also provides you with specialized recommendations for moisture abatement and mold control, courtesy of your team at Green Home Solutions. Drying up any leaks, water buildup, or other sources of moisture should always occur before any mold removal takes place. 
  • Get comprehensive mold remediation. Once moisture management is achieved, Green Home Solutions can come in and clean up any mold present within affected areas. We use inspection reports to guide our removal process, formulating rapid-response treatment protocols for greater precision and speed. 

About Our Expert Mold Inspection in Auburn 

With Green Home Solutions, mold inspection is conducted by one of our expert representatives, using sensitive infrared equipment. We perform a walkthrough of any affected areas, meticulously searching for mold and moisture. If additional data is required, we may collect surface/air samples for third-party lab analysis. We offer professional inspections for buildings in:  

  • Auburn
  • Charlton
  • Worcester
  • Millbury
  • Holden
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We can investigate, isolate, remove, and prevent mold issues. Our team is committed to long-term mold and moisture control for your home. 

Want to schedule a mold inspection with Green Home Solutions? Just call our team in Auburn at (774) 272-4481.