Mold Inspection in HoldenĀ 

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Holden

If you’re worried about mold, a mold inspection can help you assess any existing issues and decide what to do next. For homes in Holden and Worcester County, MA, water intrusion and mold can be a significant risk. Our waterways and weather make our houses especially susceptible to flooding, leaks, water damage, and subsequent mold. Green Home Solutions can help. 

We investigate, identify, remediate, and prevent mold issues for those in our community. Our experts can resolve mold concerns within days, offering high-impact, cost-effective treatment every time. We always start with inspection so we can be proactive and precise when it comes to treatment, making sure we offer long-lasting results with mold abatement. 

What to Look for: 3 Indicators of Mold 

Mold escapes notice easily. It’s microscopic, fast-growing, and prone to surfacing in hard-to-reach areas of the home. It’s one of the reasons mold inspection is so essential for homeowners in Holden. But here’s a few other ways to spot potential mold issues: 

  • You smell mold. When mold starts growing, it often produces microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs). These are what typically cause the pungent, mildewy, or musty odors that are so commonly associated with mold. While not all mold emits a smell, a musty odor is a good indicator of mold’s presence. 
  • You see moisture issues. Mold only appears when it has enough moisture to survive. Even minimal water buildup can cause mold to sprout up within less than a day. You’ll want to keep an eye out for any signs of leaks, water buildup, or longstanding moisture issues. If these are occurring, it’s very likely mold is growing, too. 
  • You have allergies or asthma. If you’re finding it harder to breathe in certain areas of the home, or if you’re experiencing an increase in allergy outbreaks, this may be due to mold. Mold growth is notorious for triggering respiratory concerns and allergies, so you may want to do further investigating. 

Why Mold Inspection in Holden Matters 

With a mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, you can get all the data needed to deal with mold effectively. We identify the scope of mold issues as well as the level of remediation needed to properly treat it. Our experts also offer helpful recommendations for long-term mold prevention and mold control. We make it easier to resolve mold issues in: 

  • Holden
  • Charlton
  • Worcester
  • Millbury
  • Auburn
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Get mold inspection and remediation in Holden for a healthier home. Learn more by calling Green Home Solutions today at (774) 272-4481.