Mold Removal in Worcester: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Professionals for Mold Removal in Worcester: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Serious mold issues are a source of stress for every homeowner. Mold is difficult to remove and can create hazardous living conditions in your home. At Green Home Solutions, we are proud to deliver quick, affordable, and effective mold removal for Worcester residents. We focus on safely removing current mold problems while taking action against the underlying causes of the issue. 

When it comes to treating mold, there are so many myths that cause people to make the problem even worse. We are happy to offer some advice and outline the four most common misconceptions about mold removal. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

As a homeowner, you are used to taking care of your property. When mold issues pop up, you might be inclined to take on the issue by yourself. However, without the right knowledge and equipment, you are likely to make the problem worse. Here are four of the most frequent mistakes to avoid:

Bleaching Away Mold. Using bleach is likely to create even more health hazards in your home and doesn’t work on most surfaces! To target mold in a safe manner, we rely on EPA-certified products that are completely family-friendly and safe. 

Disregarding Safe Cleaning Protocols. Many DIY mold removal attempts make the problem worse by spreading mold particles into the air. You need to be careful when handling mold. That’s why we utilize air machines and other professional equipment to clean things up in a safe and efficient manner. 

Expecting To See All Mold. Some mold is not visible, and this often leads to issues. Inexperienced mold removal attempts will focus on the spots that can be seen, while leaving crucial problem areas untreated. Our inspections will find areas of mold most DIY efforts would miss. 

Ignoring Mold Causes. Many treat the symptoms rather than the actual cause of the problem. Our service focuses on targeting the causes of mold in your home. 

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Worcester

Our professional support will improve the health conditions in your home, save you from a lot of stress and cut down on costs in the long run. We offer efficient service that takes just a few days and comes at a very affordable price. Additionally, we utilize safe, environmentally conscious products that will target your mold issues without causing additional health hazards. We are proud to offer service throughout:

  • Worcester
  • Holden
  • Auburn
  • Millbury
  • Charlton
  • And the surrounding areas

Green Home Solutions provides the most reliable mold removal in the Worcester area. To begin, give us a call today at (774) 200-8157.

Note: Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.