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How To Welcome the New Year with a Mold-Free Home

  • Date: 01-2019

Everyone wants to start off fresh for the new year. People have their own resolutions to accomplish their personal goals. But the fact is, they only set improvements for themselves; forgetting the place where they are nurtured, filled with values, and feel comfortable – their “home”.

If you are one of the many Massachusetts homes that are constantly battling mold issues, consider adding some of the mold-free home resolutions to your list. The professionals at Green Home Solutions of Central Mass, the trusted mold remediation company in Central Massachusetts share with you the effective ways on how to welcome the New year with a Mold-free Home.

4 Resolutions for A Mold Free Year

  1. Know the common causes of mold growth – You have to determine the root cause of the mold growth so as to know how to address it. There are common causes of mold growth such as:
    • Homeowner error – It is the water entering the home from outside, through the windows, the floor, the roof, the gutter, or the walls.
    • Contaminated building materials – mold can also grow from contaminated building materials being used during the construction process.
    • Weak spot or a failure in the structure – Water can only enter the building where there is a weak spot or a failure in the structure in which care has not been taken. Properly seal the home where there are leaks or issues.
    • Dirty crawlspace floors – Cover the dirt crawlspace floors with plastic to eliminate moisture.
  2. Implement the precautions to prevent mold growth:
    • Reduce the moisture – Keep humidity level below 50% in basements. Keep gutters clean and soil always sloping away from your home to improve grading and drainage.
    • Use the right storage – Keep all storage at least several inches up off concrete floors and away from foundations. Dampness can easily seep in if the storage and shelves don’t have space from the floor. This is especially important with organic material like cardboard boxes (plastic is best). Additionally, avoid using wooden shelves; metal or plastic shelves are preferable to achieve a mold-free home.
    • Finished basements are below grade spaces that are prone to become infested by mold. So, it is highly recommended that it should always be heated to at least 60 degrees, even when not being used. The warmer the space, the less the chance the condensation will form and feed a mold problem.
    • Make sure that kitchen and baths are well ventilated by properly sized fans that take moisture outside and not into attics. Keep the bathroom door open after bathing to speed drying of surfaces.
    • Filter the air – It is advised to use high-quality air filters if your home has a forced-air heating and cooling system. A whole house electronic air cleaner can also be used as it has an ionization technology to charge particles making them stick to filters like a magnet.
    • Insulate ducts – Condensation can form inside the ducts and, once combined with dust in the air, can allow mold to grow in the ducts, and then spores can easily circulate throughout your entire house. So, insulate ducts systems that carry heated or cooled air throughout your house whenever they pass through unheated or uncooled spaces such as attics and basement.
    • Take quick action on major flood and leaks – If you do have a major leak or flood, immediate action can halt mold before it starts. Carefully dry soaked carpets and padding, and remove any wet upholstery. Wash and disinfect all surfaces before the carpet and pad are replaced.
  3. Mold Testing – Mold testing can be performed to help narrow down the cause of the mold. Hiring a home inspector who is trained in mold can help you find the problem and change the condition so the mold won’t return.
  4. Mold Remediation – When you discover the mold outbreak in your home, and it is too invasive to handle yourself, feel free to contact Green Home Solutions for mold remediation services immediately at 774-272-4481. We strive to keep homes in Central Massachusetts safe and mold-free.

Don’t let the mold become part of your plans. Remember, a mold-free home is a healthier and happier home! Happy New Year from Green Home Solutions of Central Mass!