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Belfast Mold Inspection Services

  • Date: 08-2015

Over 6,000 people call Belfast home, and because it’s popular with tourists, many businesses can be found here too. Whether you live or work in Belfast, mold is a serious concern, especially since there are so many historical buildings located so close to the sea. In order to make sure mold doesn’t take over your home or business, it’s a good idea to schedule a mold inspection.

With a professional Belfast mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, we can identify exactly where the mold is located, and how much of it there is, even if you can’t see it. Once we’ve determined the extent of your problem, we can provide you with mold removal services.

  • Our organic mold removal products are registered with the EPA and are completely safe for pets and children.
  • Because we use an ultra-fine mist spray, we can get at the source of the mold without the need for costly demolition and reconstruction.
  • We’re so confident in our treatment techniques that the entire area is covered with a two-year warranty.

Belfast Mold Inspection

Here at Green Home Solutions, we strive to offer comprehensive services. Not only can we provide you with a mold inspection, we can take care of many other common problems associated with mold as well.

Even after mold has been eliminated with our organic mold removal products, some staining may remain behind. We offer cleaning services that will make your home or business look like new.

What’s that smell? It could be mold residue! No matter what the cause of those odors, we can provide you with fast and affordable treatment options that will completely eliminate those nasty smells.

Because no demolition is needed, we’re much more affordable than you might think! Fill out our online form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to schedule your Belfast mold inspection and complimentary estimate!