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Belfast Mold Testing Services

  • Date: 08-2015

Belfast has a lot of history. Incorporated in 1853, many of the buildings and homes in the area have historic significance, but it’s not just older homes that can harbor mold. Even homes that were just built can be susceptible. If things smell a bit musty in the basement, if you’re experiencing more allergies than usual, or if you can see staining on the wall, it’s time to schedule mold testing with Green Home Solutions.

One of our trained technicians will come out to your home and provide you with comprehensive Belfast mold testing. With our equipment, we can identify mold, even if you can’t see it. If we find mold in your home, we can take care of the problem in three steps: First, we’ll provide you with a custom quote. Then, using our organic mold removal products, we’ll eliminate the mold spores in your home. Lastly, we set up third-party testing to ensure that our technician has taken care of the problem to your satisfaction.

Worried that the mold will return? Don’t be! We offer an unbeatable two-year warranty of the area after treatment is complete.

Belfast Mold Testing

Simple mold testing can uncover a wide range of problems. Not only might you discover that you have a mold problem, but you may also discover that funky odor in your home is due to mold.

In this case, we offer odor removal services that will get rid of the stink inside your home for good. Our products are true odor eliminators, which means they don’t just cover the stench. They’re fast-acting too, which means you and your family can re-enter your home 15 minutes after treatment.

We offer mold cleaning services too! To learn more about all the mold services we have to offer, or to schedule Belfast mold testing in your home, give us a call. We’d be happy to schedule a healthy home audit!