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Mold Remediation in Camden

  • Date: 07-2020

When you need mold remediation in Camden with long-term impact, you need Green Home Solutions. Our treatments aren’t just fast and affordable, they’re incredibly precise. We personalize our treatments based on the specific building we’re treating and the extent of mold we’ve discovered indoors. That way, we can use rapid-response strategies that can deliver immediate results. 

Green Home Solutions never uses high-toxicity pollutants, chemical irritants, or products with high VOCs. We know that protecting your respiratory health is paramount. Our representatives rely on eco-friendly, health-conscious products and solutions to treat mold, mildew, and fungi. We never rely on short-term results. Instead, we help to prevent mold from resurfacing in the future, too. 

A Data-Backed Approach To Mold Remediation in Camden

With any mold remediation from Green Home Solutions, mold inspections are the cornerstone for treatment. We always implement a detailed inspection before starting on treatment, so we can have all the data we need. Inspections are conducted by your Green Home Solutions representative in Camden, who will rely on powerful scanning equipment and other detection methods. 

We look specifically for mold as well as moisture, so we can map out how far mold has infiltrated affected areas and why it’s appearing in the first place. Inspection data is used to plot remediation tactics that are swift, strategic, and comprehensive, targeting mold growing on surfaces as well as mold spreading in the air. 

With a data-backed approach to mold abatement, we can administer services in under a week for most buildings. Our representatives treat houses, commercial properties, apartment buildings, hospitals, and industrial-grade facilities. No matter where you’re dealing with mold, we can help. 

High-Powered Treatments From Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, the products we use for mold remediation services are unique to our company. That means you won’t get the same treatment sprays elsewhere in the areas of: 

  • Camden
  • Searsport
  • Belfast
  • Rockland
  • Rockport
  • And throughout the region 

We use products that are designed to be aggressive on mold and mildew while gentle on your indoors. That’s true for all our indoor air quality services, where we strive to improve upon indoor environments while treating any underlying issues that have cropped up. From high-powered disinfection services to mold removal, we can achieve a healthy indoors for your home. 

Learn more about setting up mold remediation in Camden. You can call Green Home Solutions to schedule an initial, free consultation at (207) 352-5991