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Mold Removal in Belfast: How We Consider Your Health

  • Date: 12-2019

At Green Home Solutions in Belfast, we appreciate how necessary it is to keep health in mind while conducting mold removal. Most people understand that mold can have a negative impact on their health, but might struggle to explain how or why. This could be because the effects of coming into contact with mold can vary widely depending on the person and situation.

When mold grows indoors, it produces irritants and allergens that can affect your health in a number of ways. These microscopic particles aren’t visible to the human eye. But when they’re touched or inhaled, they can result in irritation, trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma, or cause congestion. 

With proper mold removal methods, which often require professional intervention, addressing mold doesn’t have to be difficult or even costly. In fact, Green Home Solutions offers affordable, lasting, health-conscious treatments for homes and other buildings in Belfast, Searsport, Camden, Rockport, Rockland, and nearby communities. 

How Improper Mold Removal Can Impact Results

When it comes to mold removal, proper technique, professional-grade equipment, and powerful products can have a significant impact on the efficacy of treatment. Here’s how incorrect mold removal can be a cause of concern:

  • Hidden or overlooked mold growth. Mold burrows into surfaces, which means it’s sometimes difficult to identify all growth. Professional testing makes it possible to discover and target hard-to-find mold growth. 
  • Bleach or DIY products. There’s plenty of misinformation about the correct products to use to get rid of mold. For example, bleach can actually make mold worse when used on porous surfaces.
  • Cross-contamination. Containment is crucial to treatment. Without the right equipment and treatment strategies, it can be easy to contaminate other indoor areas with mold.  

Powerful Treatments For Healthier Air Quality in Belfast 

family friendly mold removal in Belfast

We never use products with high-toxicity contaminants or irritants when treating mold, mildew, or fungi. The proprietary treatment sprays we rely on are scientifically tested to break down mold in the air and on surfaces. This means we can improve the indoor air quality within a building while also treating mold. Our goal is always to leave a healthier indoor environment behind.

The representatives at Green Home Solutions are available to administer effective mold remediation services in houses, apartment buildings, industrial properties, office spaces, health facilities, and countless other types of structures throughout Belfast. When you choose to work with us, you can have confidence that we’ll always put your health first. 

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