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Mold Removal Services in Belfast: Common Questions Answered

  • Date: 07-2019

Mold makes many homeowners nervous and for good reason. It’s a serious issue, but Green Home Solutions can help you take immediate next steps to deal with it effectively. Our mold removal services are available to homeowners in Belfast and throughout the Mid Coast area. 

We know that many people have questions about mold and how to deal with it. Here, we take a look at questions that we are often asked.

What causes mold growth in the home? 

The majority of homeowners do not even realize that mold growth is occurring until they notice a mold odor, have allergy symptoms, aggravated asthma symptoms, or receive a doctor’s diagnosis citing mold in the home as a likely cause of illness. High relative humidity levels due to poor ventilation, trapped moisture, leaks, and lack of dehumidification are common causes, yet can be safely and affordably remediated with Green Home Solutions. Once a moisture event has occurred, mold often sprouts up within one or two days.  

Who recommends mold removal services from Green Home Solutions?

Doctors often recommend Green Home Solutions for mold testing and mold removal services in the Belfast area. We are also often referred by home inspectors and realtors when a client is buying or selling a home and a mold issue is suspected. 

Can mold always be detected by smell or sight?

It’s a myth that mold is always detectable by smell or sight. Our thorough inspections, and mold testing services can help put an end to the guessing game and determine whether mold removal services are necessary.  

Can I deal with mold on my own?

Many homeowners want to try addressing mold on their own before they enlist the help of professional. Mold grows very rapidly, and the longer it’s not comprehensively remediated, and the source left uncorrected, mold will continue to grow. 

What is your process for mold inspection and testing?

At Green Home Solutions, we suggest having a mold inspection first, and then mold testing as needed. We’ll discuss the source, and a solution that is appropriate for your situation. We’ll help you interpret mold testing lab reports and provide product information upon your request.

How long do mold testing and mold removal services take? 

Our inspections and mold testing appointments take anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes. We provide same day estimates as well. Lab reports are available within 4-5 days. Rush orders are available upon request.

On average, we perform mold removal services in 1-2 days. Where more extensive services are required, we may need up to 4 days. 

green home solutions staff doing mold removal services in Belfast

Our services are faster than other companies, and more affordable. Unique to the industry, Green Home Solutions has an proprietary enzymatic product that removes mold spores from the indoor air you and your family are breathing. Our products are safe for people and pets. Our mold removal products and services eliminate the need for costly demolition and rebuilding, as long as building materials have not been extensively damaged. 

More Questions About Mold Removal Services in Belfast?

Do you still have questions about our mold testing and mold removal services? Call (207) 352-5991 to speak to Green Home Solutions in Belfast and schedule an inspection. We love what we do and look forward to having the chance to serve you.