Mold Inspection in Vestavia

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Vestavia

During our mold inspection services in Vestavia, we see a number of common problems that lead to mold. Leaks are one of the most frequent issues we encounter, and they’re often the source of severe mold outbreaks.

If you’ve got a leak as well as mold growth, you’ll need to address both issues. That also means you’ll need to decide which issue you should address first. Do you neutralize the mold and then take care of the leak? Or do you fix the leak first and then deal with the mold second?

At Green Home Solutions, we have plenty of experience with these situations. The good news is that answer is usually straightforward. The vast majority of the time, it’s better to stop the leak before you treat your home for mold problems.

Below, you’ll take a look at why it’s usually better to prioritize the leak. Then, we’ll show you how our mold inspection and remediation services make it easy to get rid of mold in Vestavia.

Fixing Leaks vs. Treating Mold

Any time you have a mold issue, there are two different problems you need to worry about. On the one hand, you’ll need to deal with the mold itself. But at the same time, you’ll need to resolve whatever caused the mold to grow in the first place.

Whenever possible, it’s best to solve the root cause of mold problems first, before you treat the mold itself. This way, you reduce the risk of mold reappearing after the treatment.

This is particularly important in cases of acute moisture problems, such as leaks. If you try to treat mold while a leak remains active, there’s a significant risk that new mold will grow after the treatment is complete. If, on the other hand, you fix the leak first, you’ll cut off the source of the mold and prevent new growth from occurring.

Our Mold Inspection Services in Vestavia

No matter the cause of mold problems in your home, Green Home Solutions makes it easy for families in Vestavia to get rid of mold.

Our process starts with a professional mold inspection, which will determine the nature, extent, and severity of the mold problems. Following this, we’ll develop a customized plan for treating the mold and preventing future infestations. We exclusively use EPA-registered products to combat mold, relying on plant enzymes to neutralize mold in your home.

Our mold inspection and remediation services are offered throughout Vestavia, as well as nearby areas such as Birmingham, Hoover, Homewood, Mountain Brook, Trussville, Pelham, and Alabaster.

Book a mold inspection in Vestavia by calling Green Home Solutions at (866) 968-0478!