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Mold Remediation in Vestavia

  • Date: 06-2020

When mold keeps reappearing in your home, you’ll want professional mold remediation from Green Home Solutions. For houses, apartment buildings, and most types of commercial properties in Vestavia, our experts can extensively treat any and all growth. But that’s not all. We also uncover the source of mold, helping you to prevent growth from returning later on. 

Dealing with mold on your own can be a thankless task. That’s because mold is microscopic, making it very difficult to treat without the right equipment, treatment sprays, or expert methods. With Green Home Solutions, you get all of that professional expertise and more. Before we even treat growth, we make sure we’ve identified any moisture or related issues which may be causing mold. 

We make sure you know exactly why mold has surfaced, how far it’s spread, and how extensive remediation will have to be. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect with any treatment from our team.   

Our Approach To Mold Remediation in Vestavia 

Once mold has set root in an indoor environment, it can spread quickly. When it comes to mold remediation in Vestavia, one of the first measures that Green Home Solutions will take is establishing a containment strategy. Using powerful negative air machines and other containment equipment, we can isolate mold, limiting the risk of further spread or cross-contamination. 

We build out remediation strategies that are tailored to your indoors and the type of mold we’ve discovered. This approach allows us to be fast, efficient, and highly effective when it comes to mold abatement. For you, it minimizes the time, cost, and even the need for renovation, since we’re able to address mold more deliberately. We keep the need for demolition to an absolute minimum, relying instead on other tactics wherever possible. 

You can expect treatment to take as few as two days, with immediate and lasting results. 

Treating Homes and Commercial Buildings In The Area 

At Green Home Solutions, we offer mold remediation, disinfection, and other indoor air quality services to: 

  • Vestavia
  • Birmingham
  • Trussville
  • Homewood
  • Hoover
  • Alabaster
  • Mountain Brook
  • Pelham
  • And the surrounding area

Our expert representatives have years of success treating mold, disinfecting surfaces, and improving indoor air quality. We don’t just treat houses and apartment buildings. We also treat offices, stores, industrial facilities, and hospitals—for mold-free indoors wherever you go. 

Mold remediation from Green Home Solutions is just a call away. To schedule treatment in Vestavia, call (205) 723-3448.