Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in Birmingham: What You Should Know 

  • Date: 06-2019

Think you have mold? Green Home Solutions has fast, effective, and affordable mold removal services in Birmingham, AL. Here’s what you need to know about mold and our options for mold remediation.  

First of all, what is Green Home Solutions? We provide indoor air quality services to correct common household problems like mold and odors. These services include mold testing and mold removal services, air quality testing, odor removal, and indoor disinfection. Our goal is to restore and improve the air in your home. 

Our services are available to homeowners and property managers in Birmingham, Vestavia, Homewood, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Trussville, Pelham, and Alabaster. If you think you have mold or another air quality problem, we can help. 

How Are We Different Than Other Mold Removal Services? 

There are plenty of mold removal services in Birmingham, so what sets Green Home Solutions apart? We take a comprehensive approach to mold control to make sure we remediate existing mold and minimize the chances of it appearing in the future. We always test for mold first, looking for hidden growth and moisture issues that may have contributed to it.

our staff doing mold removal services in Birmingham

When we treat your home, we’ll never use temporary fixes, surface-only treatments, or masking agents. We treat mold at its source, using our scientifically tested and EPA-registered product that breaks down mold at a molecular level. This eco-friendly product means we’re delivering maximum impact without introducing harsh irritants or chemicals into your breathing environment. Our extremely thorough approach allows for immediate and lasting results.  

Can You Treat Mold on Your Own in Birmingham? 

The mold you see in your home is likely just one part of an overall mold problem. When you treat mold on your own, it often means you’re not addressing the bigger underlying issues that contributed to mold. Many household mold removers only reduce visible mold, without treating any mold that’s hidden, hard-to-reach, or below surfaces. 

These products also don’t typically address the individual mold spores that are floating in your home’s indoor environment. These spores travel easily, and without professional equipment, it can be very difficult to contain them properly. With our professional mold removal services, we can make sure your mold problem goes away for good.  

Our representatives in Birmingham can answer any of your questions about mold removal services. Get in touch with us today by calling Green Home Solutions at (205) 723-3448