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About Mold Remediation in New River Valley

  • Date: 05-2020

Do you need mold remediation in New River Valley? Green Home Solutions can offer treatments that take as little as 48 hours or more to complete. But we never sacrifice effectiveness for speed. Our experts use rigorous methods to identify the full scope of mold, isolate any existing growth, treat mold in the air and on surfaces, and prevent mold from coming back. 

For homeowners and property managers, treating mold can feel difficult and stressful. Mold needs very little to thrive, and its microscopic size means that it can spread unnoticed easily and quickly. But with proper professional intervention, mold can be contained and treated. With Green Home Solutions, our treatments are backed by rigorously collected data on your property’s mold, for powerful, lasting results.    

How We Administer Mold Remediation in New River Valley

Family friendly Mold Remediation in New River Valley

Effective and thorough testing is the cornerstone of mold remediation from Green Home Solutions. For buildings in New River Valley, we always recommend a mold inspection before and after any treatment occurs. This inspection can be administered by your Green Home Solutions representative, who will use infrared equipment to scout for any growth. 

Once we have a clear picture of the mold at hand, we start on treatment. Remediation is always personalized to each building we treat, so we can take any hard-to-reach pockets of growth or indoor features into account. This strategic approach means we can treat mold quickly, decisively, and affordably, keeping costs, renovation, and disruption to a minimum. 

For your peace of mind, a second inspection can occur after remediation is complete. Using the first inspection as a baseline for comparison, you’ll be able to see the powerful impact of treatment up close. We’ll even recommend third-party inspectors if you prefer—we know our remediation delivers results, and we want you to be sure of it, too.    

Family-Friendly Treatments For Your Home From Green Home Solutions

From hospitals to houses, Green Home Solutions treats most types of buildings in the areas of: 

For any building we treat, our representatives use expert tactics, high-powered equipment, and our precise mold remediation sprays and products. Treatments never use short-term measures or abrasive chemical ingredients. The sprays we work with are completely family-friendly as well as eco-friendly, getting to the heart of mold and mold-related issues inside your home.  

If you’re worried about mold, Green Home Solutions is just a phone call away. Schedule mold remediation in New River Valley by contacting (540) 339-3212.