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Mold Inspection in Charlottesville

  • Date: 08-2015

Keeping your family safe and healthy is at the top of your priority list, but no matter how thoroughly you clean your home, you may end up with problems that threaten your family’s health. Mold is a common household issue that affects areas where moisture accumulates like bathrooms, basements and kitchens. If you notice mold, or you suddenly detect a damp or musty smell in your home, it’s time to call the Charlottesville mold inspection experts at Green Home Solutions! Our passion is providing eco-friendly solutions that make your home a cleaner, healthier and better smelling place to live. When you want the best mold and odor removal services in Charlottesville, you want Green Home Solutions.

Charlottesville Mold Inspection

GHS offers a complimentary service known as a Healthy Home Audit, which involves one of our skilled service technicians coming to your home for a mold inspection, in addition to air quality testing. To ensure no area of your home goes unnoticed, your service technician will inspect the interior and exterior, with the entire process lasting about 20 minutes. Within 36 hours we will provide you with a report of our mold inspection and testing and an estimate for cost of removal depending on the size and severity of the situation.

To eliminate mold in your home for improved air quality and overall health, we use organic mold removal products that are completely free of synthetic chemicals. Our eco-friendly enzyme solution eradicates mold and unpleasant odors quickly and effectively, and is 100% safe for every member of your family including your children and pets. Our organic mold removal products are so safe that you can enjoy your newly cleaned room just 15 minutes after application.

Don’t let mold become a health issue for your family, contact the leading Charlottesville mold inspection professionals at Green Home Solutions right away! Call us for more information regarding our products and services or complete our convenient online form to request your free estimate right now.