Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Blacksburg

Choosing Mold Remediation in Christiansburg 

  • Date: 03-2020

When you’re looking for mold remediation services in Christiansburg, you never want to worry about mold coming back. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver comprehensive prevention strategies in addition to high-powered, fast-acting remediation that works. We treat mold and help keep it away in the future, too. 

Effectiveness of remediation depends on identifying and minimizing moisture buildup in an affected area. Mold requires a water source to survive, so finding and cutting off leaks and other water intrusion is crucial to preventing mold from reappearing. At Green Home Solutions, we use comprehensive detection and testing methods to find moisture as well as mold inside your home, for a long-term approach to treatment.   

About Our Mold Remediation For Christiansburg Area Families

happy family after our mold remediation in Christiansburg

With Green Home Solutions, you get treatment that’s affordable and fast-acting without ever sacrificing effectiveness or impact. We’re able to accomplish all of this by using data-based, targeted strategies for treatment. We start with a detailed mold inspection to scout out sources of moisture and mold growth within the air or living on surfaces. 

From there, we develop specific protocols for treatment that are shaped to address your home’s mold issues. Your Green Home Solutions representative will also walk you through recommendations and next steps for moisture control, to substantially minimize the risk of future growth. 

For homes and businesses throughout Christiansburg, we minimally rely on demolition wherever possible. Instead, our aggressive treatment sprays seek out and break down mold colonies, mold spores, and mold particles, targeting their molecular structure for powerful results. The effect is mold remediation that’s less timely, less costly, and less stressful to you and your family.  

Green Home Solutions Offers Family-Friendly Treatments Throughout Christiansburg

Green Home Solutions always works with mold remediation methods and treatment products that are completely family-friendly. That’s true of the services we offer everywhere in the region: 

  • Christiansburg
  • New River Valley
  • Blacksburg
  • Radford

We’re deeply aware of the health risks that mold is linked with, and we make sure to quickly shut down mold activity without compromising your indoor air quality. In fact, the treatment sprays we use can restore, repair, clean, and improve the air quality inside your home, for a difference that’s healthier for you and for your family, too. 

Green Home Solutions is proud to offer fast-acting, high-impact mold remediation services throughout Christiansburg and the surrounding areas. Schedule an initial air quality consultation at no cost to yourself by calling (540) 339-3212