crawlspace encapsulation in Blacksburg

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Blacksburg: Info for Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents

  • Date: 09-2021

It’s no secret that mold loves crawlspaces. Unless a crawlspace is properly maintained, there’s a high risk of moisture problems. This gives mold a dark, out-of-the-way place where it has access to plenty of moisture, i.e., food. At Green Home Solutions, our crawlspace encapsulation systems offer an ideal solution to this problem, keeping homes in Blacksburg protected against dangerous mold growth.

Our crawlspace encapsulation services are especially popular with home inspectors and real estate agents in the Blacksburg area. If you belong to either of these professions, you know how damaging mold can be. It puts structural materials at risk. It poses a health hazard to people and pets. And it can undermine the value of a home, while scaring off potential buyers.

Encapsulation offers advanced protection against crawlspace mold problems. This is achieved by applying a moisture-proof barrier along the floor, walls, and/or ceiling of the crawlspace. Encapsulation systems may also include a dehumidifier to further control moisture levels. As a result, mold lacks access to the moisture it needs, turning the crawlspace into a mold-free zone.

On top of preventing mold, encapsulation offers a number of additional benefits for homeowners and home sellers:

  • By controlling moisture, encapsulation can also prevent dry rot, rodent, and termite infestations in crawlspaces.
  • Preventing mold and pests can dramatically improve air quality in both the crawlspace and the living areas above it.
  • Encapsulation prevents air and heat transfer via the crawlspace, making heating and cooling systems more energy efficient.

These benefits make crawlspace encapsulation a smart investment for any home with a crawlspace foundation.

Our Crawlspace Encapsulation Solutions for Homes in Blacksburg

At Green Home Solutions, we work closely with home inspectors and real estate agents in the Blacksburg area. If a client’s crawlspace lacks adequate protection against mold, we can design an encapsulation system to prevent future mold growth. We will design and install a custom system to eliminate ground vapor and moisture intrusion from other outside sources.

In the event that the crawlspace contains existing mold, we can perform a mold remediation treatment before installing the encapsulation system. Our remediation process uses an EPA-registered product, which denatures mold at the molecular level. Unlike the harsh, synthetic chemicals used by competitors, our product harnesses the natural mold fighting power of plant enzymes, making it a popular choice with families.

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