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Madison Heights Mold and Odor Removal

  • Date: 08-2015

Mold and Odor Services in Madison Heights

Even the most beautiful homes find themselves plagued with unpleasant mold and odors. Instead of succumbing to the negative effects, you should fight back with a Madison Heights mold and odor removal. However, due to the dangers of mold, you need to trust experienced technicians. Fortunately, Green Home Solutions of Lynchburg has plenty available to help you save your home.

Madison Heights Mold and Odor Removal

At GHS of Lynchburg, we value your health and safety as much as you do, so we strive to provide an assortment of products and services to rid your home of mold and odors:

  • Mold Removal: Our products are perfect for completing a fast and efficient basement mold removal in Madison Heights.
  • Odor Removal: Is there a bad smell floating through your home? Even if you can’t locate its source, we can track it down and remove it so that your house can smell fresh and clean.
  • Mold Testing: For the most effective treatment plan, we conduct a test of all the mold in your home and send the samples to a third-party lab.
  • Mold Inspection: To make sure your home is safe and mold-free, our professionals can conduct an air quality testing and thorough Madison Heights mold inspection.

Your family deserves a clean and healthy home, so don’t delay your mold and odor removal any longer. The experts at Green Home Solutions of Lynchburg are waiting for your call to help you get started with the process. You can also schedule a Home Audit by filling out our online form.