Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in New River Valley: Common Questions Answered

  • Date: 05-2019

Wondering why you should use Green Home Solutions for mold removal services in New River Valley? Our team gets many questions about why and when to use our services. Here, we take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we get from homeowners and property managers in New River Valley, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg. 

Why Shouldn’t You Use DIY Methods? 

When you see mold, your first instinct might be to grab a household mold product from the closest hardware store in New River Valley. This method can sometimes remove surface mold, making it seem like you’ve dealt with the issue. 

However, many of these products don’t get at mold hidden behind walls or other surfaces, or tiny individual spores. If you have growth that’s not visible, it will likely continue to spread. Green Home Solutions in New River Valley uses testing to look for hidden or hard-to-reach mold, so our mold removal services can effectively treat all growth inside your home. Testing also reveals moisture issues which caused mold in the first place, so we can help you treat mold at the source. 

Finally, we use containment methods to ensure that mold doesn’t spread further while we’re treating. With negative air machines and air scrubbers, we can isolate mold, then remediate it quickly. 

Why Should You Trust Our Mold Removal Services in New River Valley? 

At Green Home Solutions, we use careful testing and scientifically verified methods to look for mold and remediate it upon discovery. We often include third-party testing to confirm and verify the results of our work. Our licensed and knowledgeable representatives strictly adhere to treatment guidelines set out by the EPA, the Indoor Environmental Standards Organizations, and other national and local standards. 

our staff doing mold removal services in New River Valley

For healthcare facilities and commercial facilities in New River Valley, our team is also highly versed in standards from OSHA, AORN, and other organizations. We can provide comprehensive mold removal services that help you meet these guidelines.  

How Do We Set Ourselves Apart From Other Companies in New River Valley?

Often, mold removal services mean treating surface issues like staining or visible mold. Many companies won’t treat underlying mold, or get to the heart of the problem. Instead, they’ll use abrasive chemicals and bleaches that mask or temporarily treat the issue. 

For properties in New River Valley, Green Home Solutions never uses artificial perfumes, bleaches, or other hazardous chemicals or quick fixes. Instead, we use a highly targeted treatment that breaks down mold and odors on the molecular level, for fast and long-lasting results. 

Don’t wait to schedule mold removal services in New River Valley. Contact Green Home Solutions at (540) 339-3212, and we’ll book your assessment immediately.