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2021 Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Date: 04-2021

Spring is often the time of year when we roll up our sleeves and get into some deeper cleaning around the house. Here are some tasks to add to your to-do list that will help eliminate allergens and toxins.

Ceiling Fixtures

You’ll likely be running your ceiling fan more frequently, but make sure dust isn’t flying! Get your extendable duster to tackle those fans, light fixtures, moldings, or anything up high that’s likely to be covered in dust.

Patio Furniture

Whether your patio furniture remained outside year-round or was stored during the winter, it could probably use a good cleaning. Now that pollen is starting to fly, it’s a good idea to wipe it down to eliminate allergens.

HVAC Cleaning

“HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air-conditioning) systems have been shown to collect a variety of contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria and very small particles of dust that have the potential to affect overall health”, says NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). This means it’s a good idea to have your air ducts and vents professionally cleaned. Oh, and don’t forget to regularly change those air filters!

Got Plants?

While some houseplants are natural air-purifiers, you need to prevent mold growth in the soil from becoming airborne which makes air worse. To do this, you can cover the soil with aquarium stone. If you’d like to welcome some greenery in your home, here are some plants that are easy to maintain and safe for your pets:

Spider plants (chlorophytum comosum)

Prayer plant (maranta leuconeura)

Boston fern (nephrolepis exaltata)

(Find more pet-friendly plants here!)

Get Fresh Air

Open your windows to get fresh air exchanges. Even if the outside air is still a little chilly, cracking a window just enough so you just barely feel it on the back of your hand on one end of your home and the same on the far end (or upper floor if multistory) will make a big difference with little to no impact on your heating or cooling system. Remember, “the solution to pollution can be dilution”.

Mold Evaluation

If you’ve had any recent leaks, water damage, or other moisture issues in your home, it’s a good idea to make sure there is no mold growth. Mold thrives with moisture, but it is never something you should try to eliminate on your own. Leave it to the professionals to make sure your home is mold-free!

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