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Ah — Spring and Allergens are in the Air–Here are a Few Practical Tips to Control Allergens

Stop the allergens before they make their way into your home.

Use doormats to trap allergens

Keep windows closed when you or the neighbors cut the grass

Make sure you have good window screens if you open the windows

Take shoes off at the door

Do not smoke indoors

Reduce the allergens that are created indoors

Don’t bring dirty or dusty items into the home

Repair any leaks. That includes plumbing, roof, basement or any other leaks

Do not bring moldy furniture, boxes or other contents into the home

Carefully carry dusty attic, garage or other stored items to the exterior and clean surfaces before bringing into your home

Avoid circulating allergens

Wipe dusty areas with damp rags avoiding stirring up dust

Use sweepers with HEPA filters, not traditional bagged sweepers

Wash bedding often

Dry furnishings, linens, carpets if they get wet to avoid mold

Keep throw rugs cleaned

Clean or change furnace filters often

Clean air conditioner drip pans and screens often

Clean the drip tray under refrigerators and freezers

Control indoor humidity

Use kitchen and bath fans

Vent these fans to the exterior, not the attic or other indoor area

Dehumidify all areas of the home to no more than 45% relative humidity

Run air conditioners or dehumidifiers when you are away.

You want to maintain low humidity conditions in the hone even when you are away.