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Green Home Solutions Pittsburgh North and South Team Up to Help Flood Victims

         When we all saw the national news pictures and videos of the June 2016 West Virginia flood conditions, you had to wonder “how will these people survive?” To say that the flood was devastating to the already hard luck West Virginia community of Richwood is to underst...

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How to Recover From A Flood

        Unwelcome water problems create heartache, health problems and often financial hardship. Knowing how to protect yourself and recover from the water event can keep a bad situation from getting worse.        Understanding water damage and recovery can be...

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Returning Home After a Water Loss

      Hurricane Mathew is leaving his mark across the Easter United States. Flooding is still going on in a wide area  of the coast, though in many areas the water has receded. Waiting is one of the hardest tasks in life, especially when waiting for a disaster to end.   &nbs...

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