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​Surprise........ Your Doctor May Be Wanting Your Home Environment Tested......And Green Home Solutions Professionals Can Help

             If you are like many of us, the addition of another concept or term in the medical field can be unwelcome babble in an already confusing part of our lives.             Well, my apology, but I am going to add another term....

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Getting Ahead of Asthma, For Our Children’s Sake

          According to the EPA, 1 out of 10 children have Asthma. Just imagine what that means to every one of their families. Picture the mothers. fathers and others flinching as a child struggles and gasps for air.             A child never ge...

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Mold Is Important for Our Food and Medicines

Mold is from the family of fungi. That is a distinction shared with the mushroom, a very common food and source of medicine. Many of us would be dead from an infection by now if not for penicillin and other antibiotics derived from mold. In this instance, penicillium is the source mold from which we...

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Understanding What is "Functional Medicine" and Why it is Important to You

       If you are like many of us, the addition of another term in the medical field can just be babble and one more thing in a confusing, but major part of our lives. Over 20% of the US economy is dedicated to health care.         The place to start the...

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