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It’s the little Things …That Get You

          So the hot water tank starts dripping from the overflow pipe. Could be a problem with the TPR valve, maybe it is too much pressure in the water system and a "pressure reducing valve" is required where the water comes into the home . The thought “plumbers...

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​Surprise........ Your Doctor May Be Wanting Your Home Environment Tested......And Green Home Solutions Professionals Can Help

             If you are like many of us, the addition of another concept or term in the medical field can be unwelcome babble in an already confusing part of our lives.             Well, my apology, but I am going to add another term....

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Misunderstanding Mold: Green Home Solutions Explains Common Errors Clients Make

By Heidi Smith for Thurston Talk  When people find black mold growing anywhere in their home, they tend to jump to dire conclusions. “A lot of people think that all mold is deadly and everyone reacts to it the same way,” sa...

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Green Home Solutions Corporate is Helping its Community Thrive

Altoona Mirror photo by J.D. Cavrich/The office operations and finance area of Elevation Management Group — known as EMG Brands— at 1014 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, is housed in one of the first properties purchased by Russell Property Holdings, owned by Tyrone native John Russell. He rec...

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