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Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is real, it is personal and in many instances, it can be devastating to a person, family, friends and employers. SBS is widely misunderstood, often by well-meaning or misinformed people. It is often disbelieved and the victims of this serious affliction are often left without...

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Why Only Person of a Family Can Be Environmentally Sick in Their Home

I could also title this: “What Zinnias Teach Us About the Environment and Our Health. As an environmental professional, one of the most often problems I find is that only one member of a household is suffering from an illness relating to the home. We commonly refer to illness from the environment in...

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​With a little knowledge and preparation, you can have a healthier and safer household this winter.

          The place to start the search for health risks is looking at changes you may have made to your home. How moisture and air move through your home can be effected by changes in furnace systems, windows, doors or insulation. Building additions and interior french...

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As Winter Makes It Environmentally Unfriendly Approach

      Imagine that winter’s approach is just another country music song. The song goes like this: “The temperature drops, the windows close, doors slam shut and all I got were those yucky, wheezy winter blues”.        There’s a very good reason that this happens. C...

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Getting Past the “Figuring out What Makes Us Sick” Part Without a Time Machine

Did you ever think that exposure to the environmental problems that make us sick is like hitting your thumb with a hammer……..but nobody can tell you what the hammer is?        We go and do so many different things and go so many places each day that it is often diff...

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