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What a Glass of Ice Water Has in Common With Winter Weather and Mold

           Picture the glass of cold lemonade, filled with ice …..It is sitting out on your picnic table at your 4 of July family picnic. (That is a much better mental picture than a snow shovel anyway)             The outside o...

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​With a little knowledge and preparation, you can have a healthier and safer household this winter.

          The place to start the search for health risks is looking at changes you may have made to your home. How moisture and air move through your home can be effected by changes in furnace systems, windows, doors or insulation. Building additions and interior french...

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As Winter Makes It Environmentally Unfriendly Approach

      Imagine that winter’s approach is just another country music song. The song goes like this: “The temperature drops, the windows close, doors slam shut and all I got were those yucky, wheezy winter blues”.        There’s a very good reason that this happens. C...

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