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Case Study-Green Home Solutions Advice Saves Client Thousands of Dollars

  • Date: 08-2018

One of the great things about GHS is that we benefit and share the experience and knowledge from all our experts and technicians. A great solution used in one project can benefit many clients with similar challenges across the country.


One example of this helping clients is a mold file storage area of a government office. The leaks into the basement file storage area was the start of the problem. It continued and grew because nobody who noticed the leaks notified anybody who could fix them.

In all places on earth where there is food and water, something will grow. This was no exception. The food was the cardboard storage boxes and the thousands of files that they contained.

The “something that grew” was as no surprise, mold.

The mold was spreading throughout the building, and some of the staff in the office areas above the file storage rooms became ill.


The client believed that all of the files needed to be retained per regulation. It seemed that they could not be kept unless each one of the thousands of files was treated for the mold problem. It seemed that each paper would either need copied or individually treated. Each of those options would have cost over ten thousand dollars.

It turns out that only a small number of the files would ever actually be required. All of the files needed retained because no one knew which files would be needed


The solution was to set up a containment room with air scrubbing and negative air to protect the building and its occupants from additional mold contamination.

The mold specialists were suited up with personal protective equipment for their safety. (Masks, suits, gloves, etc)

The files were then transferred to the clear vinyl boxes that were labeled and sealed. The old moldy boxes were properly disposed of.


The contents were logged in on a master file list and placed on shelves.

Heathy Building Victory! The people in the building are protected from the mold contamination at a reasonable cost.

Now let’s say that a file is required in one of the sealed boxes. Then, and only then will the contents of the needed box need to be decontaminated. The client cost will to treat a handful of containers of files instead of hundreds of boxes with thousands of files.

Financial Victory!

The water leaks were then resolved and the building was then treated for the mold contamination at a fraction of what the cost could have been…without a little thinking outside the box…..(please, pardon the pun)

In this instance, taxpayers were saved a ton of money and there is now a healthy building. As I said, having experts available is a great thing for our clients in many ways.