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Cutting Through the Babble About Your Family’s Environmental Health

Personal environmental health is the combination of all the exposures we have each experienced and who each of us is as a living, breathing, being. By the way, we need to keep in mind that our family and our beloved pets share our environmental health.

Outside Influences:

The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the things we touch can all affect our health. Other exposures such as the medicines we ingest are another major factor in our environmental health. Residual effects of toxins that are part of our exposure history may not affect us for decades. Smoking, working with asbestos and living moldy conditions are a part of our outside exposure history.

Personal Influences:

The combination of genetics, our health and disease history, and the exposures we have had across a lifetime can influence our health.

The combinations of each and every one of these factors is a complex puzzle that is difficult to unravel.

Where the Journey Starts for Each of Us

The journey starts with identifying factors that are risks to ourselves and the people we care about.

Some of those factors will be easier to identify, but others will require testing. If heart disease and high cholesterol are a genetic factor, you need to avoid the sources of cholesterol.

If asthma is a tendency in your family, a Healthy Home Audit for the triggers for Asthma is a very good idea.

The importance of Healthy Home Audits may only be one component of our environmental health, but it is well worth consideration as we can each choose to have that become a tool in our “Keeping Healthy Toolbelt.”