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My Apartment Has Mold.. What Next?

My Apartment Has Mold…What Next? Being a renter can be frustrating when it’s time to deal with maintenance issues or repairs. Who pays? Do you need permission to make repairs and changes? Who do you call if permission isn’t granted or serious issues aren’t dealt with by the landlord? These ar...

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11 Tips to Limit Mold Growth This Winter

Mold is a problem many homeowners associate with warm weather, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down just because winter is upon us. While it’s true that most molds thrive in environments more than 70° F, some types of mold do fine in cold weather. In fact, there are some settings in you...

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Danger of Removing Black Mold by Yourself

Finding mold growing in your home is a major worry of homeowners, and everyone knows that the problem needs to be handled quickly before a much bigger issue develops. While household mold can come in many forms, few are more worrisome than dreaded black mold. This type of mold, scientifically known...

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