Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions

Education, Training, Shared Experiences and Product Knowledge. The Secret Sauce of Green Home Solutions

  • Date: 03-2017

We are dedicated to creating a healthy home environment for everyone that we can reach. It is a passion as we select safe and effective products and techniques. It takes research and experience.

The staff of true environmental experts in Green Home Solutions not only are obsessed with the products that we use, but also the most effective way to deal with the changes that the new construction methods and materials impact on the indoor environment.

All of that geeky research and testing work then becomes a part of the regular training that is provided to all Green Home Solutions field and management personnel.

The goal is to provide excellence in customer experience and results. Education, Training, Shared Experience and Product Knowledge are the keys to that goal. Each customer and job is important and every Green Home Solutions staff member needs to have education and practice to deliver the excellence that we demand of ourselves.

Installation of a crawlspace liners is the subject of the class in the picture above, Properly installed liner systems that are properly installed in dirt crawlspaces control moisture, mold and odor.