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Getting Past the Mold Fears Disrupting the Sale of Homes

  • Date: 02-2017

There is no doubt that until now, the very real need of getting past the mold fears of the parties to a real estate transaction has not been met in a comprehensive program. Creating that system addressing the fears is not only a business need, it is an act of kindness. There is no part of the Real Estate process that could be considered pleasant or entertainment. The fears are truly disruptive, stressful and painful for all parties.

The Critical Steps of a Program to Get Past the Mold Fears

  • Establish a fair and accurate protocol of best practices for testing
  • Create the standards in testing and interpretation that are consistent with those practices and health concerns
  • Define conditions required for accurate testing
  • Properly train the individuals in testing procedures
  • Establish an unbiased system of result interpretation by skilled expert Mold Analysts
  • Provide Mold Analyst expert and unbiased phone support for buyers, sellers and realtor
  • Organize qualified mold remediation providers responsive to the needs of Real Estate transactions
  • Create a quality, cost effective, quick and fair pathway to go from Mold to Sold
  • Establish a system of Post Remediation Verification (PRV) testing and interpretation