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Green Home Solutions Makes TestAll an Integral Part of Earning Client, Realtor, Buyer and Seller Trust

  • Date: 02-2017

The TestAll System Takes Every Step of The Path to Getting Past Mold Problems

Some of the nation’s most respected mold professionals have faced the questions, issues, inconsistencies, uncertainties and well-founded fears of mold issues. Let’s face it, schools, hospitals, food processors and other facilities have been shut down or put out of business because of mold. For health and economic reasons, this TestAll system is an important new development.

The TestAll Program has developed training for inspectors, testing professionals and Mold Analysts. This is based on established standards and practices.

Lab results are now analyzed by specialists that evaluate the lab results and site conditions without any favored relationship to any of the parties. It is an unbiased and qualified evaluation.

The report is a standardized and easy to read evaluation that is geared for today’s demand for information a glance, not buried in mumbo jumbo. The front page is a pleasant visual and accurate overview.

The test result and report are explained to the parties that need additional information to empower their decisions. The Mold Analysts speak to the parties about the technical issues in plain everyday language.

TestAll knows who passes clearance tests, who has a great consumer rating and understands the demands of resolving issues ASAP. Wasted time is not only money, it is unneeded stress. The parties need responsive and professional help NOW, and should have it.

TestAll understands the need for Post Remediation Testing and will suggest it as the pathway to confidence and finality in the process.

The Bottom Line on Mold in Real Estate

The TestAll bottom line is accurately identifying the presence or absence of mold problems. If mold problems exist, the goal evolves to resolving issues for health and safety properly and fairly in the least stressful and most economical manner.