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Healthy Home Tips in the Category of Simple Things I Never Thought of

Ladies Home Journal pointed out that when we flush the commode, the moving water sends a bacteria filled mist into the air. This mist can have mold, germs, bacteria and when you inhale the mist you can become infected with whatever the organic things that are living in your toilet tank.

The mist from flushing can travel several feet, which is within range of your nostrils which are connected to your lungs. YUCK! Tank mist in our lungs? Yuck again.

We have learned that the mist from showers, sink sprayers and water fountains can be a source of Legionella infections. To be honest about it, that snippet is in an environmental class I teach. Based upon the studies that go with that information. this toilet mist health issue does make sense.

We all love simple answers. Put both the lid and seat down on the toilet and avoid breathing in this stuff. I automatically put the seat down to continue domestic tranquility. Adding the lid to that deeply embedded “put the seat down” ritual is easy.

While on the subject of sprays, and things I never thought through. Kenneth Rosenman, MD, Chief Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Michigan State University has another eye-opening gem.

The use of sanitizing wipes or cleanser and a rag are safer than sprays of cleaners and disinfectant.

Some of the sprays are harsh on human tissue. If the warning label says to wear gloves because it can affect your skin, the little mist sure could burn lung tissue.

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care publishes a study indicating that the use of household cleaning sprays and air fresheners can raise the risk of developing Asthma by 100 to 200 percent. Many people are allergic to the chemicals in the products.