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I Have a Mold Problem. What Do I Do Next?

  • Date: 10-2017

Just the word, ?mold? can instill fear into homeowners. Not only is mold dirty-looking, it is dangerous to the health of your family and can do serious damage to your home. When you suspect mold in your home, you might find yourself flooded with questions. Is this mold or something else? How do I get rid of mold once and for all? To avoid the panic-stricken state that most find themselves in, the mold experts at Green Home Solutions are here to answer these important questions!

Get a Professional Mold Inspection

One of the first steps to solving your mold problem is to decide whether the issue at hand is in-fact mold. For best results, it’s recommended that you get a professional mold inspection?but for temporary ease of mind, there are some things you can look for yourself. Typical signs of mold include:

Musty, moldy odor coming from damp areas like your basement.

Persistent allergy symptoms that worsen while you are in the home.

Visible mold growth that looks like dirt granules or a cotton-like substance that can be green, brown, gray, black, or yellow.

Hire Trusted Mold Removal Experts

If mold is discovered and testing reveals your worst nightmares are true, then rest assured that most mold problems can be quickly solved by mold remediation professionals. When looking for mold and odor removal, it’s important that you find experienced professionals that offer safe and effective solutions, preferably without the use of harsh chemicals and costly demolition.

Mold in the home is frightening, especially when you don’t know what you’re up against. At Green Home Solutions, our mold and odor removal services will put your mind at ease quickly and affordably?without the mess and hazards of traditional mold remediation. In just 48 hours, you can breathe fresh, mold-free air thanks to our power-packed, plant based mold removal solutions. Get started with your free, Healthy Home Audit!